Quick Facts

  • Moyamoya means “puff of smoke” in Japanese
  • Moyamoya is detected by an MRI only
  • Affects 1 in 2,000,000 people
  • There are 6 stages of progression for moyamoya
  • The progression of the disease varies from person to person
  • People diagnosed with moyamoya will always have moyamoya
  • Once diagnosed the only option is surgery
  • An angiogram is required prior to surgery to map out the surgery
  • 6% of moyamoya patients are in the same family
  • The majority of patients have had a TIA/mini-stroke or a stroke prior to diagnosis
  • The average age of symptoms first appearing is 6 ½ years old
  • The average age of surgery is 7 years old
  • It is more common among girls than boys
  • It is more prevalent in children of Asian descent
  • Follow up in patients with moyamoya is extremely important to help build a knowledge base
  • MRIs are needed for the rest of the patient’s life
  • Daily aspirin is required for the rest of the patient’s life

Never give up. Doctors are not always right, but they are there to help. Be an advocate for your child. --Brian Littrell People Magazine April 2009