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100% of all funds raised at our various Moyamoya fundraisers go directly to the Department of Neurosurgery at Boston Children’s Hospital (“BCH” ), which is the world leader for pediatric Moyamoya research.

Your donations to our cause have a direct impact on research efforts. Dr Edward Smith from BCH says, “I would like to thank you for your hard work. As you know, Moyamoya is a very rare disease, and so few people have interest in research in the area. The ability to do this kind of translational research simply would not be possible if you did not do the kind of fundraising work that you do. I am incredibly grateful to you and your family. I am very devoted to our Moyamoya patients and I hope that we can help diagnose and cure these children far more effectively in the future through the kind of work that you are promoting. I am very lucky to work with some smart folks and I am trying to use every bit of their brain power to help develop better treatments for Moyamoya. However, my work seems easy next to the dedication that you and your family have demonstrated in growing this support and I am incredibly grateful. Your efforts inspire me to keep working hard in the lab.”

Thank you for the support and contribution in any way to our cause- every bit helps BCH’s department of neurosurgery and its groundbreaking work.


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